Auto Finishes Products

Xtreme 9000 Finishes is the highest quality finish that money can buy.

Our automotive paints stand toe to toe with the top-name brands but at a fraction of the price. And we offer our customers even more... our finish has two and a half times more U.V. protection than all the other brands. So if you're looking for cheap paint, STOP!! Go check out our competitor's economy lines. But if you are looking for an EXTREME SHOW QUALITY HIGH GLOSS FINISH without paying the high price. Xtreme 9000 Finishes delivers every time.

And if that wasn't enough...Xtreme 9000 Finishes also carries a LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE. Molecule for molecule, Xtreme 9000 Auto Finishes offers the same quality of products sold by the top 5 name brand companies. The only difference is theirs costs 5 times as much. How do we offer this price you ask, without sacrificing quality?? Well, we can sum it up easily, we are a small company with low overhead and do not have a several million-dollar race car to support, or a high-end executive to pay. This paint has high solids producing an excellent two-coat coverage with the highest UV protection in the industry. We carry 32 Factory Pack OEM code colors. We can mix any OEM color code that you provide for an upcharge. However, we do not charge an upcharge if you purchase any of our complete systems.

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